Beautiful home at Belfry Lake

Traumhaus direkt am Wasser

What is included?

There are many inclusions and we want to show them here to you.

Sitzgarnitur mit Tisch inklusive All the furnitur in the sunroom is included.

Hängeschaukelstuhl im Wintergarten ist inklusive The hanging chair is also included.

Mandala im Wintergarten ist inklusive The Mandala in the sunroom is included.

Riesiger Dreamcatcher im Wintergarten ist inklusive The big dreamcatcher in the sunroom is included.

TV mit vielen DVD ist inklusive The TV, the DVD-Player and Sony sound system is included.

Mandala inklusive The Mandala above the media center is included.

Dekospeer inklusive The wooden decospear is included.

Rattan-Schaukelstühle inklusive The rattan furniture is included.

Dreiteiliger Dreamcatcher inklusive This dreamcatcher in the basement is included.

Dartscheibe mit Pfeilen inklusive The dartboard with all the arrows in the recriation building is included.

Fernrohr inklusive This telescope is included.

Crosstrainer inklusive This professional crosstrainer is included.

Waschmaschine und Trockner inklusive Wascher and dryer are included.

Brennholz inklusive All the fire wood which is there is included.

Zwei Picknicktische inklusive Two picnic tables are included.

Kanu inklusive This canoe is included.

2 Anfänger-Windsurfboards inklusive Two large beginner surfboards are included.

4 Profi-Windsurfboards inklusive 4 surfboards for more advanced windsurfer are included.

4 Mehrere Segel inklusive Several riggs in different sizes are included.

Windsurfzubehör Additional perts are included.

Windsurfzubehör More additional parts are included.

Werkbank mit Schraubstock This professional workbench is included.

Ständerbohrmaschine inklusive This drillpress is included.

Saunaofen inklusive There is a new wood burning stove in the garage for heating a sauna. Build your own sauna.