Beautiful home at Belfry Lake

Traumhaus direkt am Wasser

Property pictures

As you can see on the following pictures there is a lot of value in the land. There are many plants we put in which grow nicely. There are two barns with a size of 20' x 12' which provide a lot of space for all your toys and garden equipment. Next to the carport there is a good sized shed to store firewood for the stove in the garage. Closer to the water is a really nice and protected barbecue area. And don't forget the wooden tower from which you have a relly good view and there is a driveway right to the lake.

Bootshaus On the left you see the boathouse for storing canoes, kayaks and other things. On the right you see the partial covered barbecue area with benches and storage for fire wood.

Gillplatz A nice fire pit with the benches around it.

Grundstücksbild A beautiful designed garden.

Grundstücksbild Lots of flowers and trees.

Garage - Werkstatt A lawn close to the water.

Grundstücksbild Enjoy.

Grundstücksbild Nature at its best.

Grundstücksbild Beautiful mornings.

Ahornbaum Beautiful colors.