Beautiful home at Belfry Lake

Traumhaus direkt am Wasser

Small room and home theater

There is another room in the rcreation building which also has big windows and a fantastic view over the lake.

The home theater is equipped with a projector, a 8 feet screen and a THX sount system. There is sitting space for 8 people and there are also two more beds in this room. The walls and the ceiling of this room is covered with black fabric. All the frniture and technical equipment in this room is included.

Hobbyraum The additional room is L-shaped.


Hobbyraum Three big windows in this room provide you with a lot of light and a fantastic view.

Heimkino The view from the screen into the home theater. 5 seats in the front row and 3 seats in the back which are located higher to provide an unobstructed view to the screen. On the left and the right side of these 3 seats in the back there is a bed on each side with storage space underneath.

On the ceiling in the middle of the room you can see the projector.

Heimkino Here the view on the 8-feet wide screen. There is a cabinet in front of the screen on the floor which provides a lot of space for all the electronics and DVD's.