Beautiful home at Belfry Lake

Traumhaus direkt am Wasser

Entrance and sunroom

The entrance leads right into the sunroom with its large windows.

Hauseingang The view of the entrance from across the roundabout.

Hauseingang A closer view.

Hauseingang Nice entrance with a small deck in front of the door.

Wintergarten When you enter the sunroom the door to the house is on the left. Look at the large double pane windows with which you catch all the sunrays from early mornings to late evenings. This picture was taken during afternoon hours.

Wintergarten The two windows in the back open the view into the dining room and the kitchen. The furniture you see in this picture is all included because it fits so nicely into this fantastic room.

Wintergarten Here a view from the other side of the sunroom where you can see the roundabout.